About Us

Our Factory - Dehiovita

Silex Footwear is located in beautiful rural area called Dangampala at Avissawella. And we have 50 employees. Silex Footwear’s factory owner, Mr. M S K W Morawaka provides an attractive workspace and well organized working structure for employees to give their 100% percent commitment to the best quality outcome.  Because of the mass production, we have machines to ensure the speedy flow of production.

As well as we especially focus on customer’s after services.  We have special crew to mend and renew shoes that bought from our outlet. That is the most significant process of our factory. We return mended shoes within 3 days.

Special orders like wedding shoes, special styles, special sized shoes etc. also includes in our production. Those special orders also supply on date.

Our Outlet - Dehiovita

Silex Shoes Outlet of Silex Footwear, is located in Dehiovita town. The owner of the Outlet is Mr. Saman Weerasinghe. And it has very pleasant show room area to get customer’s attraction. The most important fact is the superb customer service in Selex Outlet.Outlet contains with vast variation of latest styles of men’s footwear. You can get the help to select the most suitable shoe with the assistance of well trained and experienced sales assistants in the outlet.

If you have no clue about the item which is the most suitable to be selected by yourself, you will be guided by Mr. Saman Weerasinghe. Further you couldn’t find a suitable solution. Silex footwear will make a new shoe to satisfy your requirement. Silex Outlet have strong customer base. Because it gives what customer needs, for reasonable price.

Our Members

Silex footwear has more than 50 employees and 20 officials to maintain the processes and the structure of company.

Factory Owner  - Mr. MSKW Morawaka

Outlet Owner – Mr. Saman Weerasinghe

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